Scientific Manager

I am Rina, a Malagasy-Swiss chemist and artist,

I am the founder of ticinolab® in Ascona with the mission:

  • to empower Science,
  • to inspire the next generation and
  • to promote access to scientific knowledge
I am teaching scientific workshops to general public, especially youth and children.

Scientific Collaborator

I am Luana, an engineer by profession, a teacher at heart, an avid reader in private life, creative at the limit of the probable, patient, available and people say that I am funny; with the vocation to know oneself and to know others.
I live to learn from the world and from children with the awareness that science can be within everyone's reach.

Studio Concept Gandolfi
is a small and family-owned business founded in July 2019,
ticinolab® is inspired by Axel (2014).

We believe in this project and convinced it can bring a whole host of benefits to you
and the people around you, especially youth and children; we provide services across Ticino.

We want to take the opportunity to offer our most sincere thanks to:
BOCHET GROUP and the Department of Chemistry in Fribourg (Switzerland)
for their generous lab equipment donation;

MIGROS TICINO, for their precious collaboration.

Any financial support would be greatly appreciated.