ticinolab® KIDS

These workshops offer young children, aspiring and young scientists, from ages 6 to 12, the most engaging aspects of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, with unforgettable experiences, fine-tuned skills, and fun activities.

Weekly classes are held throughout the school year.

Fun, but first safe science experiments: laboratory equipment is adapted and selected, with lab coats, goggles and gloves as real researchers.

Number of little curious: 10 participants

ticinolab® BIRTHDAY

Come celebrate your birthday with us! We convey the joy of partying based on curiosity and the fascination of SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY and TECHNOLOGY.

Designed for young people from 6 to 12 years old, this fun and unique program, chosen during the reservation, for a duration of 1 to 2 hours, is proposed 2 times a week: Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

Number of little research apprentices: minimum 6, maximum 12; ideally with 2 extra accompanying adults.


ticinolab® DOPOSCUOLA


Our team is happy to take care of kids AFTERSCHOOL with ROBOTIC workshops and SCIENCE experiments, depending on the availability of materials and the instructor;
VIGANELLO, Elementary School:
       LUNEDI 1) 02; 09; 16; 23/10/2023 2) 06; 13; 20; 27/11/2023 03) 19; 26/02/2024; 04; 11/03/2024 04) 18; 25/03/2024; 08; 15/04/2024
PREGASSONA, Elementary School:
       MARTEDI 1)
03; 10; 17; 24/10/2023 2) 07; 14; 21; 28/11/2023 03) 05; 12/12/2023; 09; 16/01/2023 04) 23; 30/01/2024; 06; 20/02/2024
       MARTEDI 5) 27/02/2023; 05; 12; 26/03/2023 06) 09; 16; 23; 30/04/2024
CASSARATE, Elementary School:
       GIOVEDI 1)
05; 12; 19; 26/10/2023 2) 09; 16; 23; 30/11/2023

ticinolab® ESTATE

Camps are organized during the school holidays; activity schedule: Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
SUMMER 2024:
La Cascina SORENGO
  •  From Monday 08 to Friday 12 July 2024
  •  From Monday 22 to Friday 26 July 2024
  •    From Monday 05 to Friday 09 August 2024
San Quirico MINUSIO

ticinolab® FORMATION

Individual or collective formations, and personalized, are proposed according to the space availability and our schedule. These courses aim to introduce you an unprecedented approach to science and to help you achieve the vision and important goal of science teaching. Didactic models, organized by various topics, are proposed:
  • to demystify the art of doing science;
  • to plan, conduct and reproduce easy experiments with students;
  • to share the passion for science.
TECHNOLOGY: Educational Robotics is an interdisciplinary learning environment based on the use of robots and electronic components as the common thread to enhance the development of skills and competencies in children and teenagers.

ticinolab® team will make every effort to offer you the most suitable and appropriate formation, on a specific or general topic in your classroom.

Prerequisites are necessary for these formation workshops.

We calculate the appropriate base premium rate for each group: from 2 to 10 participants, with one instructor.

POP UP ticinolab®

Our team is happy to take care of your little guests (4 to 12 years old) with ROBOTIC workshops and SCIENCE experiments, depending on the availability of materials and the instructor; for a minimum of 2 hours of presence.

A maximum of 10 children per session is required, for an average duration of one hour for a session. Several sessions can be organized.

This offer is reserved for companies, associations and organizations with a suitable area or room, more specifically a space with tables and chairs appropriate for the number of children.

ticinolab® CLUB

Next School Year

ticinolab® FOOD

Starting September 2022, it will be possible to celebrate with a cooking class.
Food Parties are usually scheduled on Friday 5-8 pm.

ticinolab® KIT

ticinolab® at home